Laboratory Alumni


Dr. Joanna Carey

Currently an Assistant Professor at Babson College Joanna is an ecosystems ecologist and biogeochemist focused on answering fundamental questions about ecological processes in the context of global change. Her over-arching research interest lies in understanding the rates and controls of material exchange (e.g., silicon (Si), carbon (C), and nitrogen (N)) between the major reservoirs on Earth, with attention to how these fluxes are changing due to anthropogenic activities. In turn, her research spans the land-ocean continuum, from forests, to rivers, to salt marshes. Publications

Kelsey Dowdy

Kelsey Dowdy (undergraduate student)

Now enrolled at graduate school at the University of California, Santa Barbara as a NSF graduate research fellow, Kelsey came to Siberia twice as part of the Polaris Project and worked with us on projects focused on the fate of permafrost thaw organic matter.

Francois Guillemette

Dr. Francois Guillemette

Currently an Assistant Professor at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières his research interests revolve around the fields of aquatic carbon biogeochemistry and microbial ecology. Of particular interest is the export, transformation and fate of dissolved organic carbon from land to a vast array of aquatic ecosystems such as rivers, wetlands, and lakes, and the understanding of the metabolic response of microbial communities to changes in the supply, age, source and composition of the organic carbon pool. He uses a suite of molecular and optical tools such as high-resolution mass spectrometry, spectrofluorometry and size-exclusion chromatography, as well as stable and radioisotopes, and modeling. Aside from his research program, he also has great interests in public education for the preservation, valuation and restoration of aquatic ecosystems.

Maddie Larue

Maddie Larue (undergraduate student)

Initially interacted with us as an undergraduate on the Polaris Project in Siberia and then worked as a summer laboratory intern focused on extracellular enzyme activity in Arctic aquatic ecosystems. Maddie currently works for the Environment Protection Agency.


Paul Mann (Postdoctoral researcher)

Currently a Research Fellow at the University of Northumbria (U.K.) Paul conducted research examining the mobilization, processing and fate of permafrost derived organic matter in Siberian fluvial networks. Paul used a wide range of techniques to conduct this research from enzyme assays to stable and radiocarbon isotopes.


Emily Olmsted (undergraduate student)

With a strong interest in water quality issues Emily worked with us as a summer intern focused on nutrient loading issues to freshwater and coastal environments. Her work with a local conservation agency was used to write her senior thesis linking land-use to water quality problems.