Undergraduate Students

Sam Garrison

Sam is working with Travis Drake on the preparation and analysis of samples from a pristine forest in central Democratic Republic of Congo. These samples are the first of their kind from a tropical forest in Africa and will be used to ascertain the impact of fire deposition and the chemo-diversity of organic matter exported from forest landscapes. If she's not on the absorbance spectrophotometer, you will find her on the total organic carbon analyzer or on the solid phase extraction line.

Lizzie Grater

Lizzie has joined the lab while working towards her BSc in Environmental Science at Florida State University. Lizzie is learning a variety of organic matter characterization techniques and has been working with samples assessing atmospheric deposition of organic matter. Furthering her research experience Lizzie will took part in summer 2016 in the NSF funded international research experience for students, undergraduate research opportunities in microbiology and biogeosciences of Siberian deep subsurface permafrost program at the Soil Cryology Laboratory within the Russian Academy of Sciences in Pushchino, Russia.

Jenny Rogers

Jenny is pursuing her Environmental Science B.S. at Florida State University. In the laboratory, she is currently working on using fluorescence spectroscopy to analyze DOM for a number of projects. She also has become an expert at measuring chlorophyll concentrations though fluorometric analysis for samples encompassing a range of inland water samples in the Arctic.