Undergraduate Students

Natasha De La Cruz

Natasha is an Environmental Science major at FSU and has been conducting directed individual study in the Spencer lab learning a lot of biogeochemical techniques and analyses. She has helped members of the laboratory with a lot of field and lab-work preparation, as well as analyzed optical samples and conducted solid phase extractions in preparation for advanced organic matter analyses.

Krystal Fischer

I am an Environmental Science major at Florida State University. I am currently gaining field and lab knowledge by helping the current graduate students in the Spencer Biogeochemistry Lab obtain water samples and process them in the lab. I am interested in conducting research of my own in the near future.

Sophia Gomez

Sophia is an undergraduate student at Florida State University studying as a Biology major. She helps graduate student Megan Behnke with her research analyzing the dissolved organic carbon found in glacier environments. Working with Megan through directed independent study, she hopes to gain experience in a lab setting. Currently Sophia is learning data analysis, preparing samples for FT-ICR MS, and aiding in other various aspects of lab research.

Theresa Reynolds

Theresa is an undergraduate chemistry student conducting directed independent study in the laboratory focused on solid phase extraction of organic matter and learning a diverse range of characterization techniques.